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Landlord Support

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We’re still developing our mobile app for the Baselane landlord portal. In the meantime, most of the set-up pages and banking functionalities are accessible via mobile. However, there are a few pages that are not currently available on mobile.

The following functionalities are available on mobile:

  • Viewing the summary of your account setup on the Get Started tab

  • Viewing and/or tagging transactions from the Transactions tab

  • Opening a Baselane Banking account and connecting external bank accounts

  • Adding and sending funds to/from a Baselane Banking account

  • Adding and managing properties from the Properties tab

  • Setting up Rent Collection and managing lease details

  • Managing your Profile

The following pages are not available on mobile, we would ask that use a desktop to access them for the time being:

  • Interacting with statements, charts and accessing the ‘Tax Package’ on the Analytics & Reporting tab

  • Viewing tenant account activation status on the Tenants tab

  • Viewing the Property Metrics tab

  • Viewing the Insurance tab

  • Viewing the Loans tab

Our Tenant Platform is fully accessible via mobile web and desktop. We make it easy for your tenants to pay rent and view their rent collection details no matter what device they’re on.

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