Baselane makes it easy to categorize your transactions and manage your expenses. On the Transactions page, you can view all your income and expenses in one unified table.

For each transaction, you can edit the property/unit it is associated with as well as the income or expense category it falls under. You’re also able to bulk edit and categorize transactions. After checking off the transactions you want to bulk edit, from the checkbox on the left side of a transaction, you can select the ‘Edit Transactions’ button to categorize the selected transactions and associate them to a specific property or unit. You’re also now able to bulk edit your transactions. See here, for instructions on how to do so.

In addition, you can split transactions into multiple categories and add notes with more details. See here, for instructions on how to split transactions.

Transaction categorization is currently manual, but we plan to launch automated tagging functionalities in the near future.

To learn more about auto-tagging transactions to a property, watch our quick video How to enable Property Auto-Tagging with Baselane.

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