You can view the payment status of any invoice in the ‘Invoices’ tab of each Lease. To get here, go to the Leases page, expand the property containing the Lease, click on the three-dot button, and select ‘Invoices.’

Each invoice contains a status label that indicates the payment status. Statuses include:

  • ‘Completed’ when payment has been received into your bank account

  • ‘Scheduled’ if the tenant has scheduled a payment

  • ‘Auto Pay’ if a payment has been scheduled with auto pay

  • ‘Processing’ if the payment is on route to you, all payments take a maximum of 2-3 days to process

  • ‘Upcoming’ if the invoice is still not due and the tenant has not scheduled payment

  • ‘Overdue’ if payment has not been made by the due date

  • ‘Failed’ if the payment has failed

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