To connect a new bank or credit card account, please go to the Banking & Cards page and select ‘Add Account’ at the top right. Then, in the right slide-out, click on ‘Connect An External Account'. A popup will appear for you to connect your accounts securely using Plaid. In the pop-up, press ‘Connect an External Account’, and then 'Continue'. Find the banking institution for the account you would like to connect. Next, enter your bank credentials - please note that we use end-to-end encryption, and therefore, your credentials will never be made accessible to Baselane. Next, select the account(s) you would like to connect to Baselane, either for importing transactions or collecting rent payments, and click ‘Save’ — your account will now be connected to Baselane.

Next, you will be taken to a slide-out where you can edit various options for your newly added account:

  • You can edit the account nickname.

  • You can choose to import your Transactions and Balances. You will have the option to import all existing transactions or only to import new transactions. In addition, you can define a rule to auto-tag all transactions from the selected account to a specific unit or property. This feature is designed to automate transaction tagging when you use a particular bank account exclusively for one property or unit. See here to read more about transaction tagging. Note that you can connect as many bank or credit card accounts as needed.

Once you’ve connected a bank account, you will be able to use this account to collect rent through Baselane. Read more on selecting a bank account for rent collection here.

Watch our quick video on How to Connect a Bank or Credit Card account for more information.

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