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How can I refer other landlords to join Baselane?
How can I refer other landlords to join Baselane?

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How does Baselane’s referral program work?

You can earn $100 for every landlord you invite (up to $1,000 per year), that collects rent via Baselane into a Baselane Banking account. You must also be collecting rent via Baselane into a Baselane Banking account to qualify for the incentive.

To refer another landlord, follow the steps below:

  • Log into your Baselane landlord profile

  • From any tab on your account, select the ‘Earn $100’ button at the top-right of your profile. See image below for reference:

  • This will open another tab with the referral program details and a questionnaire to fill out

  • Once you answer these questions, select the blue ‘Submit’ button to submit your referral

How many landlords can I refer?

You can invite as many landlords as you’d like. However, referral rewards are capped at $1,000 per year.

My referral hasn’t started collecting rent yet — what should I do?

Give them a friendly reminder via text, or send them your unique referral link directly (you should receive this from Baselane after submitting the form online). Your referral will receive email reminders from Baselane, but a simple nudge from you could go a long way.

When can I expect to receive my $100 on a successful referral?

If you and your referral have successfully collected >$500 of rent into a Baselane Banking account within 45 days of the referral creating an account, Baselane will deposit the $100 referral bonus directly into both of your Baselane Banking accounts within 30 days.

Terms and conditions apply to this, see here, for more details.

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