If you have lost or misplaced your card, we recommend immediately locking your card to prevent unauthorized purchases from occurring.

If you have lost or misplaced your card, you can temporarily lock it at any time in two ways:

  1. Call the Baselane Visa Support number and request the card to be locked at +1 (833) 333-0417.

  2. Log into your Baselane account and go to the ‘Cards’ section on the Banking & Cards page. Here, you can click on any of the cards to open up the card’s details and lock/unlock the card as required.

You can later reactivate a locked card by calling the Visa Support number or by going back to the ‘Card’ details page on your Baselane account and unlocking it.

Alternatively, if you would like to request a replacement card, please reach out to Baselane Support at [email protected]. In doing so, we will permanently close your old card.

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