Baselane Banking is built to significantly help streamline the financial management of investment properties. Benefits of Baselane Banking include:

Multiple banking accounts on one platform, with virtual accounts to keep expenses organized and funds separated:

  • Open as many banking accounts as needed for businesses (LLCs, Corp, or Partnerships) or individuals (Sole Proprietors) for free.

  • Open free Virtual Accounts whether you need a separate account for each unit or property, to separate savings for a future remodel, or simply to keep security deposits segregated.

  • Automate bookkeeping by auto-tagging all transactions of an account to property or unit.

Seamlessly integrated into financial tools for landlords & individual real estate investors:

  • Single-click bookkeeping with smart categorization to Schedule E and property tagging.

  • Automated rent collection; receive rent directly into your bank account.

  • All the tools you need to control your cash flow, track your expenses, and understand your property performance.

It’s a free and rewarding banking account:

  • Baselane banking is free, with no hidden fees! No fees on cash withdrawals or transfers. No minimum deposit is needed.

  • High-yields (80x the national average) on all deposits (yes - this includes security deposits!).

  • Earn up to 5% cash back on the first $5,000 of home improvement spend on your Baselane Debit Card per calendar year, and unlimited 1% cash back on all other debit card spend - minus refunds and returns.

If you would like to learn more about how Baselane Banking can help you, schedule a demo here.

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