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How can I fund my Baselane Banking Account?
How can I fund my Baselane Banking Account?

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You can fund your Baselane Banking account in any of six easy ways:

  1. Link Baselane to another U.S. bank account (via Plaid) to start an ACH transfer, which will be completed in 3 business days.

  2. Connect your Baselane Banking account to any of your digital wallets like PayPal or Venmo, and initiate a transfer from there.

  3. Send electronic, bank transfers via ACH to your Baselane Banking account from any bank in the U.S.

  4. Deposit cash into any of our in-network ATMs. Click here and select “Allpoint + Cash Deposit ATMs” to locate the nearest deposit ATM.

  5. Send a wire transfer to your Baselane Banking account, using the following details:

    • Beneficiary name: Legal name or LLC on your Baselane Banking account

    • Beneficiary account number: Your Baselane Banking account number

    • Beneficiary Address: Address you provided for your Baselane Banking account

    • Beneficiary Bank Name: Thread Bank

    • Beneficiary Bank Routing Number: 064209588

    • Beneficiary Bank Address: 210 E Main St, Rogersville, TN 37857

  6. Deposit a check by logging into your Baselane account from a mobile device, and following the instructions from the “Add Funds” button in the Baselane Banking tab.

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