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How can I pay 3rd parties with Baselane Banking?
How can I pay 3rd parties with Baselane Banking?
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You can pay 3rd parties (such as contractors, vendors, partners, or even tenants) in a number of ways with Baselane Banking:

Send an ACH (only available via desktop currently)

  1. Go to the Baselane Banking page after you login, and click on the 'Send Funds' button. From here select 'ACH Transfer'.

  2. Click on the 'Connect External Account' button, select 'Add Manually' and select '3rd Party Account' from the first drop-down. Please be sure to enter in all relevant account information of your 3rd party correctly.

  3. Once you have entered the information for your 3rd party, you can select them from the drop-down in the 'Transfer From' field and enter in the transfer amount. Any previously added 3rd parties will show up here as well.

  4. Once submitted, the transfer should arrive in 3 business days: the status of this transfer is visible in the 'Transfers & Payments' tab in the Baselane Banking page.

Connect to a digital wallet (such as Venmo, PayPal, or CashApp)

  1. Connect your Baselane Banking account to the digital wallet: you can see detailed instructions for each digital wallet here.

  2. Via the interface of the digital wallet, add your 3rd party as a recipient and initiate the transfer. This will show up in your Baselane Banking account under “Transactions”.

Using your Baselane Banking debit card.

  1. If the 3rd party accepts card payments, you can use your Baselane Banking debit card in-person or online to make payment.

If the above methods are still not sufficient for you (e.g., if you require sending a check), please let us know via [email protected] so we can best support you.

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