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Does Baselane charge any fees?
Does Baselane charge any fees?

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Baselane is free to use and built to save you time and money. We offer our products and services to landlords without charging any hidden fees!

  • No Account Opening Fees

  • No Account Monthly Fees

  • No Account Minimum Fees

  • No Inactive Account Fees

  • No ACH Transfer Fees

  • No Return Item Fees

  • No Overdraft Fees

  • No Bookkeeping Fees

  • No Rent Collection Fees*

  • No Domestic Wire Transfer Fees (for a limited time)

See here, for more information about this.

Please note that there may be fees associated with international debit card transactions.

Tenants will be subject to a 3.49% convenience charge when using a Debit or Credit card to pay their rent.

*Tenant payments via ACH not deposited into a Baselane Banking account will incur a $2 fee. Landlords can cover the fee or pass it on to the tenant.

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