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How can I attach a receipt/file to a transaction?
How can I attach a receipt/file to a transaction?
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You can attach one or multiple files (such as a receipt or invoice) to a specific transaction by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Transactions tab

  • Select the arrow to the right of the transaction you’d like to attach a file to

  • Under the ‘Add Attachments’, you have the option to click or drag a file to the transaction. See image below for reference:

  • After selecting your file, you will have the option to change the file name

Please note, that you can only upload files in PDF, JPG, and PNG format. The maximum accepted file size is 10 Mb, any file larger than this will receive an error when attempted to be added.

Can I attach different files to a split transaction?

Yes, after you’ve split a transaction (See here, for details on how to do so), you’ll be able to attach a different file to each part of the split transaction. The steps to attach a file to a split transaction are the same as listed above.

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