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How can I create a one-time invoice to send to my tenant?
How can I create a one-time invoice to send to my tenant?

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To create a one-time invoice for an existing tenant you have on Baselane, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to the Rent Collection page

Step 2: Select the property/unit that contains the invoice you wish to edit

Step 3: Click on 'View All Invoices' to view all the invoices related to the selected property/unit

Step 4: Select the blue ‘+Add Invoice’ button at the top-right of the invoices page

Step 5: Fill out the invoice details by selecting the payment due date, the receiving bank account, and the invoice items

Step 6: Select the blue ‘Create Invoice’ button to finalize and send the invoice to your tenant

Please note, if your tenant has enrolled in Auto Pay, creating a one-time invoice will not disable Auto Pay, and it will not initiate the payment for the one-time invoice created. One-time invoices need to be manually paid by tenants.

How does adding an invoice work?

Adding an invoice lets you request one-time payments from your tenants for things like utilities or fees.

What will my tenants see?

Your tenant will be notified by email. Adding a new invoice will not automatically charge your tenant. They will need to log in to schedule a new payment. They will see the invoice, its amount, and due date alongside their monthly rent invoices.

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