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Does Baselane offer Tenant Screening?

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Yes, Baselane has a partnership with TransUnion to now offer tenant screening. To begin, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Get Started tab

  • Select the ‘Start Screening’ button under the ‘Free Tenant Screening powered by TransUnion’ Baselane Feature. See image below, for reference:

  • This will bring you to the TransUnion website, where you will be required to create a free account with TransUnion (unless you already have one), by selecting the ‘Sign Up’ button

  • Once you’ve created your TransUnion account, you will be able to screen one or multiple tenants from your account

Please note that for the time being, all information related to tenant screening will exist separately in your TransUnion account, and will not be automatically shared with your Baselane account.

For assistance with the tenant screening process, please contact the TransUnion customer support team at +1 (866) 775-0961.

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