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Incidental Issues with External Banking Institutions
Connecting PNC & Fidelity Bank with Plaid (Temporary Disruption)
Connecting PNC & Fidelity Bank with Plaid (Temporary Disruption)

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Fidelity and PNC will implement data access blocks on October 1 and November 1, respectively.

How this affects Landlords

Baselane Banking:

  • Send funds to Fidelity or PNC from Baselane: You will continue to have this functionality but may need to reconnect your Fidelity or PNC accounts via account/routing number.

  • Add funds to Baselane from Fidelity or PNC: You will no longer be able to pull funds from your Fidelity or PNC accounts directly via the Baselane platform. Instead, you must log in to your Fidelity or PNC accounts to send funds to Baselane Banking.


  • Balances: You will no longer see balances on your Fidelity or PNC accounts in the Baselane platform.

  • Transactions: You will no longer be able to auto-import transactions, but you can manually add transactions (See here, for details on how to do so).

Rent collection:

  • Tenant payments: If your tenant pays rent via Fidelity or PNC, their payments may default to a 4 business day settlement period going forward.

  • Receiving rent: If you are already collecting rent into a Fidelity or PNC account, there will be no disruption. If you would like to add a new Fidelity or PNC account to collect rent, please do so by manually adding the account in the "External Accounts" page.

How this affects Renters

If you currently pay rent with Baselane via a Fidelity or PNC account, you should not experience any disruptions to your rent payments after October 1st (for Fidelity) and after November 1 (for PNC).

However, if your rent payments are failing, please try and troubleshoot by manually adding your bank account details to pay your rent going forward per the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your Baselane tenant account, head over to the payment method icon, and delete the disconnected bank account.

  2. From the "Add New Payment Method" button, click on ‘Bank Account’ and select the option to add the account manually from the Plaid pop-up.

  3. Provide Plaid with the account and routing numbers for the bank you would like to use to pay rent.

  4. Once added, we will make a $0.01 deposit into your bank account within 1-2 business days for verification purposes. The deposit will have 3 letter code in the description of the transaction.

  5. Once you receive the $0.01 deposit, sign in to Baselane and go to the Payment Methods page. Select the account and follow the instructions to enter the three-letter code in the description of the deposit to verify your account.

If you have any issues connecting your account, please refer to this Help Center article: How do I add a payment method to Baselane to pay my invoices?

If you are adding this account for the first time, you will not be able to schedule/pay your rent until the micro deposit has been deposited to your bank account and the 3-letter code has been entered into the prompt on the Baselane platform.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please feel free to contact [email protected] if you have any further questions.

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