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How can I send checks with Baselane?

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What are the different ways I can send a check with Baselane?

With Baselane Banking you can send checks to third parties/vendors in a few ways:

  • Mail a check via Baselane: Enter your vendor's information and the payment amount in the Baselane portal, and Baselane will print and mail the check directly to their address on your behalf (costs $2 per mailed check)

  • Third party printed checkbook: You can print a checkbook directly from a third party, like Costco, Walmart, or Office Depot. Note: not all third parties have been tested and they may not all work

  • Order a Baselane checkbook: Order a Baselane branded checkbook to your address with the click of a button (costs $15 per checkbook: contains 80 checks). See here, for more details on how to order a checkbook

How do I 'Mail a Check' via Baselane?

Baselane is excited to introduce our latest feature: 'Mail a Check'. This convenient service allows you to send checks directly from your Baselane platform, streamlining your payment processes and enhancing your financial management capabilities.

Follow these easy steps to mail a check:

  • Go to the Baselane Banking or Transfers & Payments tab

  • Select the ‘Move Money’ button

  • Select ‘Send Money

  • Follow the steps below to send check payment:

    • Step 1: Select an existing recipient or add a new recipient

    • Step 2: This will bring you to ‘Recipient Details’, where you can either select 'Check' from the Payment Methods drop-down menu for the existing recipient or add the Wire transfer details for a new recipient

    • Step 3: Input the payment details for the Check payment. After inputting the payment details for the transfer, you'll have the option to select if you want this transfer to be a one-time payment or a recurring payment

      • Once you select the recurring transfer type, you'll be able to select the 'Send on' date - which will be the date the transfer will begin processing

    • Step 4: You have the option to add a memo (a short message to be printed on the check. This is typically the purpose of the check) or bookkeeping details (category, a note or an attachment) to the transfer

    • Step 5: Review the transfer details and send it

Note: When filling out the 'Recipient Name' field, there is a 40-character limit and anything longer than this limit will not allow you to send the check.

Important information:

  • You must have an active Baselane Banking account to use the 'Mail a Check' feature

  • There is a $2 fee for each check you send via our Check Writing service

  • The amount you can send via check must adhere to the standard and higher account limits. Please see the Deposit Limits in this article

  • Checks submitted from Baselane before 12:00 PM ET will be processed on the same day. Any check mailing instructions received after 12:00 PM ET, on weekends, or on federal bank holidays will be processed the next business day

  • Delivery Time: It takes 5-8 business days for the check to be delivered

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I cancel a check after it has been sent?

Checks can only be cancelled while in 'pending' status before the 12 p.m. ET cutoff on business days. After they enter the "'nProduction' state, cancellation is not possible. To cancel a check, please contact Baselane Support at [email protected] for assistance.

Note, that we do not charge any fees for putting a stop payment on a mailed check. However, due to the check still being processed and mailed, the $2 fee will still be charged by our vendor, even if the check payment was stopped. For this reason, we do not reimburse for the $2 check mailing fee if a stop payment is requested.

Can I schedule a check to be sent in the future?

Yes, you can schedule a check to be sent on a future date. See here, for more details on how to do so.

How can I track the status of the Check?

You can track the status of your check in the 'Activity' section of the Transfers & Payments tab, including details such as the sending date, account, recipient, and memo.

The status will update through the following stages: Processing (en route to the address) > Delivered (arrived in the mailbox) > Processed (cashed by the recipient).

When is the money withdrawn from my bank account?

Funds are deducted from your account once the check is deposited.

Does the Check expire?

Checks will expire after 180 days from the date it was issued.

What if the recipient claims that they have not received the Check?

If a check does not reach its intended recipient, Baselane support can inquire about its status on your behalf.

What happens if the check is returned to the sender?

If a check is returned to the sender, a new check must be issued after verifying the information.

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