Baselane connects to your bank accounts and cards via Stripe and Plaid — secure third-party operators we use to handle interfacing with banks. Both of these companies are well regulated and have strong security measures in place. We do not store any bank or card data ourselves. Instead, we only store a token of your bank and card data provided by Plaid or Stripe. For more information on Stripe, click here.

We take security seriously. Baselane encrypts all your information using Bank-level AES 256-bit encryption, both when it is stored in our databases and when it is used in transactions. That means your data is not revealed to either the sender or recipient of a transaction, so it remains private and secure at all. We further double-encrypt all sensitive personal data/information and bank connection tokens using different keys, which we rotate for additional security. Our services focus solely on managing the financials of your properties, and as such we do not store any bank or card data.

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