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Baselane Banking: video library (product tour + how to's)
Baselane Banking: video library (product tour + how to's)

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The following article includes a collection of videos related to Baselane Banking, including our Overview/Product Tour and most popular How To Videos. Relevant FAQs are also linked throughout.

If you are new to Baselane and interested in using Baselane Banking, we recommend watching the following videos to better understand our platform!

Baselane Banking | Overview

Video Description:
In this overview we will show you how to open a free business checking account with Baselane, highlight our banking features, and of course, discuss the benefits! With our platform, you'll enjoy a financial advantage with high APY, unlimited Checking accounts, two Savings account and personalized spending controls. Leave behind the hassle of manual bookkeeping. With Baselane banking, our bank accounts provide the option to assign your properties and expenses, automating and streamlining your financial management.

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Baselane Banking | Product Tour

Video Description:
Introducing Baselane banking, We offer free business checking accounts designed exclusively for real estate investors. Experience the financial advantage with high APY, unlimited additional Checking accounts, up to two Savings accounts, and custom spend controls tailored to your unique needs. Simplify your accounting process with automated features that save you time and effort. Baselane empowers real estate investors to take control of their finances and unlock new possibilities for growth and success.

Baselane Banking | How to Create Virtual Cards

Video Description:
Discover how to create virtual debit cards with Baselane banking. Virtual Debit Cards provide real estate investors with precise spending control, automated expense categorization, and easy sharing capabilities with property managers, partners, and team members. Supercharge your financial management capabilities with virtual cards, empowering you to optimize efficiency and streamline your financial operations.

Baselane Banking | How to Fund Your Account

Video Description: In this how-to video, we will guide you through the process of funding your Baselane Banking account. Discover the simple steps to connect your external bank account to Baselane, initiate transfers, and explore the convenience of mobile check deposits. We'll also show you how to connect Baselane with popular digital wallets like PayPal and Venmo.

Baselane Banking | How to connect an External Account

Video Description:
In this how-to video, we will show you how to connect your external bank accounts to Baselane through our third-party provider, Plaid. Connecting your external bank account to Baselane is simple and secure. Once connected via Plaid, you can import up to 24 months of transactions (depending on your bank), allowing you to track and manage your expenses for your external bank accounts, all on the same platform!

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